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Quality Guarantee

Product traceability is essential for quality assurance. This starts at the farm and reaches our final customer. It is carried out through individual identification with an electronic ruminal bolus, for our own cattle, and through purchase lots. The systematization of the process and the identification of the cattle, their carcasses and later their cuts allows us to trace the product backwards and forwards.
Prevention is the measure that is taken and is materialized in the prerequisite programs through which we control working conditions creating a favorable environment for the production of a healthy food and with the established specifications. The programs in execution are those of:
Integrated Pest Control, Environmental Management, Drinking Water, Sanitary Operations, Animal Welfare, Machinery and Equipment Maintenance, Suppliers, Product Traceability, Product Recall, Complaints and Claims, Laboratory Sampling, Laboratory, Lighting, Calibration, Personnel Training, Occupational Health, Sanitary Inspection, Control of Loose Articles, SOP for Bovine Slaughter, SOP for Boning of Bovine Carcasses, and SOP for Refrigeration.
The Standard Operating Procedures in the processes and Sanitation (SSOP, SSOP) together with the HACCP Plan conclude the Quality Assurance System.

Systematic pH measurement ensures that the product meets the ideal organoleptic and sanitary conditions.

We have a laboratory within the plant, approved by the Instituto de Vigilancia de los Medicamentos y Alimentos (INVIMA).

In it we verify our Quality Assurance System, we perform daily microbiological analysis of products, raw materials, water and other inputs, work surfaces, tools, packaging, environment, workers and equipment.

Our specialized staff includes food engineers, microbiologists, veterinarians, chemists and laboratory technicians.

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