Leading company in the Colombian livestock industry dedicated to the production, conservation and commercialization of meat and its by-products.

Founded in 1957, Camaguey has been constantly renewed and prepared, thus allowing it to position itself as the refrigerator with the greatest integration and the most advanced technology in Colombia.



To be the leading company in slaughter and processing of meat products and their derivatives, in the commercialization of products certified with international standards in food safety management, in canine toys and leathers, to be recognized by our clients for the quality and traceability of the products and processes.



We are a business organization in the meat, by-products and derivatives sector, a provider of high quality food solutions, based on the efficiency of its processes, distinctive technology, social responsibility and a competent human team committed to food safety, destined to satisfy the needs and experiences of the national and international market, through a portfolio of world-class differentiated and nutritious products

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plant and offices

Calle 15 Cra. 19 Corner Galapa, Department of Atlantico, Colombia. Tels: (575) - 3669999

Cell: 311 4131783 - 84 - 85

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Stephanie Selman

Commercial Manager - Sales Manager


Tel: +57 3183534216