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Animal welfare

Animal Welfare is the proper treatment of animals in order to provide them with an environment in which they are in good conditions of well-being, are healthy, comfortable, well fed when required, in safety; They can express innate forms of behavior and if they do not suffer from unpleasant feelings of pain, fear or restlessness; and that they are manipulated and sacrificed in a compassionate way. The concept of animal well-being refers to the state of the animal. The way you treat an animal is designated by other terms such as caring for animals, or humane treatment. (Free adaptation of OIE document Chapter 7.1)


The welfare starts from the shipment and transport from the farms to the moment of slaughter. The animals are handled without using blunt elements or electric tips. The floors are non-slip to prevent falls, the wall surfaces are smooth to avoid scrapes, potable water is available, and the pens are shaded. Prior to slaughter, the beef is rendered unconscious through a procedure that takes fractions of a second. This state is corroborated before proceeding to the sacrifice.

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