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The Camaguey Tannery has been operating since 1985 with a processing capacity of 25,000 hides per month. The tannery is located next to the cold storage plant and we only process skins coming from our slaughtering plant, obtained by mechanical skinning. The skins are taken directly to the tannery by means of a conveyor chain where the process begins immediately. 90% of our skins are from young males and we mechanically flesh the fresh skins before dressing. The inputs we use are of excellent quality, with standardized processes, we drain and measure the skins when classifying them and we export all our production in Wet Blue to Europe, Asia and the rest of America, for the footwear and upholstery industries. Due to its prompt, fast and careful process, these are the Colombian skins in Wet Blue with the highest classification in the international market.

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