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Control and Security Policy


The senior management of CAMAGUEY S.A. expresses its commitment and leadership in ensuring its processes, developing programs, Systems and Activities that prevent the occurrence of illicit acts such as: Illegal Activity, Terrorism, Smuggling, Theft, Sabotage, Corruption, Bribery, Drug Trafficking, Drug Consumption and alcohol, money laundering and financing of terrorism and related crimes, both within the company and in its participation in the international logistics chain.

All of the above in order to generate tranquility and confidence in the workplace, in its relationships with stakeholders, in compliance with the current applicable legislation, regulatory, statutory and other applicable requirements that the organization subscribes to, thus preventing any type of of illicit activity in the supply chain.

Management supervises the risks to which the organization is exposed and the control mechanisms established by each process owner, with this it seeks to contribute to minimizing the risks that harm the interests of the organization and promote processes that allow the creation of control systems. control and security management.


This Policy is communicated and understood within the organization and is available to the general public. Likewise, it is reviewed annually for continuous improvement.

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