Boning / Refrigeration and Freezing

The deboning is carried out in a rapid and continuous process with a capacity for 60 cattle per hour. The permanence of the cuts in the room does not exceed five minutes. The carcasses are deboned at zero degrees Celsius in a climate-controlled environment at 10 ° Celsius, complying with national and international sanitary standards.

Observing Good Manufacturing Practices and following the HACCP plan guarantee optimum quality products.

Refrigeration and Freezing.

Through a Standard Operating Procedure for Refrigeration, Camaguey has established parameters for the refrigeration system controlled and monitored by computer, allowing us to know the status of the process via the internet.

  • Camaguey has the capacity to refrigerate 2500 carcasses, at zero degrees Centigrade to the bone, in 30 hours.

  • It has 15 refrigeration rooms with capacities from 35 to 400 channels.

  • 8 Blast Freezers with a temperature of minus 45 degrees centigrade and with a capacity of 96 tons every 24 hours.

  • 5 plate freezers with a capacity of 2 tons every 2 hours.

  • 2 warehouses for frozen products with a capacity of 1000 tons.

  • 3 warehouse for refrigerated vacuum packed meat with capacity for 600 tons

  • Slaughter and boning of Pigs.

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